About us
Our Mission
We want you to be excited to start this new chapter of life, where you have the freedom to discover who you want to be. Our mission is to create a space for you to feel creative, inspired, and valued for your perspective, regardless of whether you’re embarking on a new interest or embracing an old passion. We’re here to help you answer the question, “What’s next?”
Our Research
One in five people in the US will be over the age of 65 by 2030. With a demographic landscape quickly changing, just ¾ of adults over 65 actually fit the preconceived notion of a retiree who fully leaves behind the working world. Instead, people are in search of meaningful ways to spend their time. After conducting over 100 interviews with “retiring” adults, life coaches, experts at Stanford’s Center on Longevity, and leaders in retirement design, we’ve learned two things: finding “meaningful” opportunities is challenging on your own, and expanding your horizons beyond your previous job titles is key.
Our Methods
We believe that applying a design lens to redefine retirement is key to helping people like you expand your horizons and identify meaningful opportunities. Here’s how you do it:
Our Team
We are a team of Stanford designers, engineers, and psychology researchers interested in redefining retirement. We’ve seen our own parents and loved ones prepare for their next act, and we’ve heard the stories of many more who are challenged by the loss of identity, purpose, and community at the end of their career. By way of setting an example of what Act II stands for, we've chosen not to introduce ourselves by just our titles, but rather as our whole selves.
Drew Skrainka
  • Wannabe Voice Actor
  • Sous Chef
  • Stanley Cup Champion
Stella Tu
  • Artist
  • Dessert Fanatic
  • People Nerd
Tulsi Desai
  • Organization Enthusiast
  • Research Advocate
  • Dancer
Katie Connor
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Eternal Optimist
  • Aspiring World Traveler
Our Advisory Board
David Kelley
  • Founder, IDEO
  • Founder, Stanford’s d. school
  • Co-author, Creative Confidence
Bill Burnett
  • Executive Director, Stanford Design Program
  • Author, Designing Your Life
  • Author, Designing Your Work Life
Melanie Bell-Mayeda
  • Partner and Managing Director of IDEO
  • Leader of The Powerful Now, a global initiative bringing design to the topic of aging
Dan Bomze
  • Founder, Double Crown Gaming Co.
  • GM & Partner, Microsoft
  • Founder of MileIQ, acquired by Microsoft
Bill King
  • Managing Partner, Movi Partners
  • Co-Founder, The Q
  • Stanford DCI Fellow 2019
Michael Barry
  • Founder and Principal, Quotient Design Research
  • Associate Consulting Professor, Stanford University
Michelle Jia
  • Lecturer, Stanford University
  • Design Researcher, Quotient Design Research